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I am interested in making a difference.

Please tell me more about how I can volunteer:
Below is a list of some of the areas that the Brooklyn Board of Realtors works on.
You do not need to be on many committees, but we would like to know where your interests lie and where we can put your talent to the best use.
Please check off as many areas that you think would be interesting to be a part of:

Education/Training Public Relations Technology
Budget/Finance Marketing Social Media
Grievance Community Affairs Blog
Professional Standards Legislative / RPAC Newsletter
Membership Future of Real Estate Green Council

One of the most exciting and easiest ways to get involved in the board is by attending or helping out with some ideas for our special events and programs.
Which of the following events do you think you would attend and/or support in 2010?

Agent's Day Technology Day Trade Show
Webinar Events Day at Belmont (Spring Fling) Holiday Dinner
Charity Car Wash Picnic/Barbeque Social/Networking Events

If you don’t want to get involved at this time, that’s ok too.

If you want to come to the social events with food and booze only check here

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