Mediation Services

The Brooklyn Board of Realtors is a proponent of Voluntary Mediation as an alternative to arbitration in resolving disputes.  Mediation is a strictly voluntary measure, however, it is strongly encouraged.    

Once a Request for arbitration is received and processed by the Grievance Committee and it is determined to have merit; Mediation Procedures are offered as a viable alternative to arbitration.

If mediation is chosen by the disputing partiesand both parties have informed the Grievance Committee of their willingness to mediate the issues. A Mediator will be assigned to the case. This Mediator will contact the disputing parties and coordinate the negotiations.

The Mediator is will be someone that is trained and experienced in the issues being disputed. This third party facilitates, coordinates and directs the negotiations in an informal setting assisting the disputing parties in reaching  mutually acceptable solutions to the issues.

Mediation saves time and conserves relationships. It is a friendlier way of resolving disputes. Solutions are arrived at promptly as both parties in the dispute and the Mediator are involved in finding a solution.

With mediation; both parties are involved in the negotiating process and agree to accept a solution that they, themselves, (with the assistance of the Mediator) have formulated. The matter is not in someone else's hands.

If an agreement is reached dutring mediation; both arties will be asked to sign an agreement and a portion of the Arbitration Fee / Deposit will be refunded.

If an agrement is not reached in mediation; the Professional Standards Committee cannot consider the mediation effort  during their deliberations on the disputed issues.

A link to download The Mediation Agreement Form can be found on the left side of this page.

More information about Mediation Services offered by the Brooklyn Board of REALTORS® can be found in the REALTORS® Ethics and Arbitration Manual, in our Ethics and Arbitration Database or on request from the Executive Officer of the Brooklyn Board of REALTORS®.