Ethics Complaint Process

1. Once a complaint is received it is logged, recorded and submitted to the Grievance Committee.

2. The Grievance Committee will review the complaint and determine whether or not it merits further consideration. If the Grievance Committee determines that the complaint has no merit; the Committee will then dismiss the case or postpone the case and request more infomation from the complainant.

3. If the complaint is dismissed by the Grievance Committee,  the Complainant has the option to file an Appeal. Upon Appeal; the case is re-examined by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may;

a.  determine that the complaint has merit and send it back to the Grievance Committee for processing or

b. dismiss the case.

c. Refer to the Professional Standards Committee for a hearing.

d. Notification is made to the Respondent of the complaint and a reply is requested.

e. Once it has been determined that the complaint has merit; a decision is made whether the case would more appropriately be referred for Arbitration.

4. Upon determining that the complaint has merit as an Ethics Complaint; the Grievance Committee will forward the case for a hearing.

5. Hearing Procedures are outlined in greater detail in the Ethics and Arbitration Manual (which is available through the National Association of REALTORS®) or our searchable Ethics Database.