Filing an Arbitration Request

1. Obtain "Request and Agreement to Arbitrate" Form (Form#A-1) which is available here by clicking this link.

2. Enter (on the form) REALTOR®(s) involved, Respondents and their addresses.

3. Enter (on the form) the monetary value in question.

4.  Include an attachment with specific details of the complaint. In your attachment include dates, times, names and any information you deem pertinent and relevant to your case.

5.   Attach copies of listing agreements, purchase and sales agreements, closing statements, notarized statements from witnesses and any documentation you deem pertinent.and relevant to your case.

6.  Include a check for $500 (Arbitration Request Deposit)..

7.   Sign the Arbitration Request.

8.  Send all these items to The Brooklyn Board of  REALTOR®

9. If you have decided to also file an Ethics Complaint; please note that the Ethics Complaint will not be heard until after the Arbitration issue has been resolved. However, include the Ethics Complaint package with this package.