How to file an Ethics Complaint

1. Obtain Form #E-1  (available here in interactive mode) and fill in the required information.

2)  List the Article(s) of the Code of Ethics that, you believe, have been violated.  The Code of Ethics is available here in PDF format.

3)  Include an attachment specifying how you think the Code of Ethics was violated.  Be specific.  State who, what, when, where, why and how you think each Article was violated.

4)  Attach copies of any and all pertinent documents such as listing agreements, purchase and sales agreements, addendum, etc. If you have notarized statements from witnesses, include those also.

5)  Send the entire package, keeping a copy for yourself, to The Brooklyn Board of REALTORS®, attn: The Executive Officer or Elected Secretary. Your complaint will then be processed through the Grievance Committee.