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New York's U.S. Congressional Delegation

New York's Senators

Senator Chuck Schumer (D) Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D)
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New York's Representatives

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Representatives to the U.S. Congress are allocated by virtue of a state's and, subsequently, subordinate jurisdiction's population. Oftentimes, due to those population constraints; congressional districts (CDs) are not apportioned to contiguous land masses, political borders, zip codes, etc. within a state. Brooklyn is a prime example of that limitation since several of Brooklyn's congressional districts are split up and consist of portions of other boroughs and counties. For example; NY CD 11 consists of all of Staten Island and a southern section of Brooklyn. NY CD 10 contains a portion of Brooklyn and the lower west side of Manhattan. More information on the congressional districts is presented below.

NYS Congressional Districts

NYS Congressional Districts (Downstate)

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The Congressional Record is published the day after each business day.

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