U.S. Presidential Race

United States Presidential Race

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New York has 27 Congressional Districts. The majority of these districts exist downstate in and around New York City where the largest population centers are located(view map). Congressional Districts 1 through 18 are located in this region of the state.

The remainder of New York's Congressional Districts are located in the upstate regions which are less densely populated areas of the state(view map). Congressional Districts 19 through 27 reside in these regions.

Welcome to the most important election of your lifetime. This election could, very well, be the most important election in our nation's history.

The choices you make during this election will impact our nation's direction for decades to come much as the previous election already has.

Regardless of your preferred flavor in politics; know that your progeny will be most affected by the results of this coming election.

Remember: You are not just voting for your favorite team.

Issues such as Climate Change, the dependence on Fossil Fuels, The Federal Deficit, The National Debt, Transparency in Government, Voting Rights, Women's Rights, Affordable Healthcare and pre-existing conditions protections for your loved ones, Common Sense Gun Controls, your rights, not just as citizens, but as human beings stand in the balance.

So, America, research your candidate. Decide whether he/she can be trusted to stand by you or to tow the party line. Decide whether our system of checks and balances deserves perpetuance. And, then, make your choice.

N.Y. Congressional District

Joseph Joe Robinette Biden Jr.

Howie Hawkins

Green Party
Jo Jorgensen

Donald J. Trump


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