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logo_220 The Brooklyn Board of Realtors® aims at all times to elevate the real estate profession, through establishing and enforcing rigid standards of conduct and adherence to a national code of ethics.

It is part of the Board''s work to provide real estate brokers & their agents with information necessary for their business. The general members also benefit from other information services available from the board.

The Board also speaks for property owners, taxpayers and business people who are not necessarily connected with the real estate brokerage profession.

The Brooklyn Board of Realtors® conducts educational programs for the membership and the public throughout the year. It also conducts qualifying courses for real estate sales persons and brokers and continuing education courses, which have been approved by the Division of Licensing Services, Department of State.

Over the years the Board has consistently fought and lobbied locally and in the state capitol to make necessary changes in the laws to benefit the real estate profession, as well as to prevent to passage of measure, which might prove detrimental to the best interest of the borough.

Through membership in the New York State Association of Realtors®, the Board is able to take an active part in matters requiring the concerted action of the principal real estate organization of our state. In addition, membership in the National Association of Realtors® enables the Board to actively engage in legislative issues affecting our industry from coast to coast.


The 1965 Brooklyn Board of Realtors

With the advent of Brooklyn New York MLS, and its affiliation with REALTOR.COM, an agent may decide whether to maintain listings with other outside brokers or access customers universally via the internet.

Property owners and taxpayers continue to demonstrate their belief in the Board and repeatedly support wholeheartedly the various campaigns conducted to benefit the real estate profession and improve conditions in the borough.